Dive Sites of Panglao, Bohol

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Balicasag island is one of the most famous dive destinations in the Philippines
1. Black Forest
Usually this is the first place from which the acquaintance with the underwater world of Balicasag begins. The dive starts from a depth of 6-9 meters and you will actually immediately see some green sea turtles. The divers then go to the edge of the reef and further dive at a depth of 15 to 25 m, along the wall. Often this is a drift, but the currents are not strong, which makes this place very comfortable. During the dive, you will see schools of fish - mackerel, trevally, carnax. You may see a large school of jackfish shimmer with a steel color, an enchanting spectacle. Of course, you will again see turtles, some macro and a huge number of corals. Sometimes even a whale shark appears! The maximum depth is 30 m. Visibility varies from 15m to 40m.
2. Marine Sanctuary
Often the second dive in Balicasag is carried out at this place. This is a dive along the wall of the reef. The wall is about 60m deep and has some caves and canyons. Uniquely, this place is a giant sea fan coral and has numerous coral fish. You can meet groupers and schools of jackfish which swim around the reef. Passing the safety stop at 5 meters will pleasantly surprise you with the variety of corals and animals living in them. Sometimes there is a whale shark.
The maximum depth is 40 m. Visibility ranges from 10 to 30 m. Currents are moderate or absent.
3. Rudy's Rock
Wall dive, visibility from 12-20m. Deep drop off wall in the south/west side of Balicasag Island. The location's main landmark is the big rock marked with a stick in front of the beach in shallow water. You can see huge gorgonian corals and sea turtles at around 12m. Frog and scorpion fish usually can be found there. Max depth is about 25 meters.
4. Diver's Heaven
It is a steep slope in the North of Balicasag island.
Max depth is about 25 meters. Visibility 15-30m

Occasionally there can be strong currents, but generally diving is quiet and comfortable.
You can see turtles in the shallow part, watch out for titan triggerfish! Schools of mackerel accompany you in the deeper part. On the reef edge you can see a lot of soft and hard corals, tube sponges. Ribbon eels, frog fish, mantis shrimp and various tiny animals can be found there as well.

Cabilao island, famous for its soft coral gardens and macro photography opportunities
5. Lighthouse
A wall down to 25m, then a plateau at 30m, followed by another wall. Strong currents possible, be careful! In the winter (December to April) hammerheads and white-tipped reef sharks are possible to see. You might encounter barracuda or jackfish schools here. Ghost pipefish, pegasus, crabs, seahorses and nudibranchs can be found there. You can see a lot of sponge barrels and colorful soft corals.
Visibility 15-30m
6. Cambakis
This is a nice dive site just in front of the village. A wall down to 30m with a small cave. At the sandy part in between the reefs you can find an ornate pipefish. A variety of nudibranchs and colorful crinoids are located between the corals.
Max depth 30m, Visibility 15-30m
7. South Point
Steep wall covered with hard and soft corals and many sponges. Large table corals at the reef top. Beautiful landscape, especially at the top!
There are many species of sea cucumbers and starfish, anemones and clownfish.
Max depth 30m, Visibility 15-30m
Be ready to see the stunning reefscapes of Pamilacan island
8. Pamilacan
60 minutes by boat from Alona beach. A deep dive (30m)! Beautiful field of soft corals with colorful anemones here and there goes down to about 40m. Turtles and unicorn fish often can be seen there, as well as a cuttlefish. On the edge of the island you may see a school of barracudas. Average currents. Visibility from 15 to 30m
9. Snake Island / Cervera Shoal
40 minutes by boat from Alona beach. Strong currents sometimes. This is a sunken coral plateau about 10m deep, lying on the way to Pamilacan. Beautiful soft corals, nudibranchs and of course sea snakes can be seen there.
Visibility 15-30m. Max depth 30m
Divesites of Panglao island are good for all levels divers
10. Arco Point
Wall dive with a visibility of 10-25m. At the beginning of the dive is a hole in the wall. Enter the cave with small group. You can bring a dive light to look in the small caves. The drift current is always going in the south direction, it can be quite strong sometimes. Good for macro - frogfish, nudibranchs, shrimps can be seen there.
Max depth is 25 meters.
11. BBC (Bohol Beach Club)
10 minutes by boat from Alona beach. Wall dive. Sandy area on the bottom. There is a small cave there with a school of cardinalfish inside. A lot of soft and hard corals. Frog fish, pigmy seahorse can be seen.
Max depth 30m, visibility 15-30m
12. Crystal Coast
Steep slope dive. It's a beautiful housereef, great for introduction, check-up or night dives. Branchy corals wth moray eels, mackerel, scorpionfish and nudibranches. Big groupers hiding in a wall's holes.
Max depth 25m, visibility 10-25m
13. Alona Beach
This dive site just in 2min. by boat from dive shop. Wall dive with many vertical cuts. Anemones and multicolored corals teeming with life. Small fish, scorpionfishes, frogfishes and nudibranchs. Seasnakes can be found in sandy areas. Nice place for a night dive.
Max depth 25m, visibility 10-25m
14. Kalipayan
5 minutes by boat from the dive center. Wall dive, some sandy areas. Bright corals, nearly always a group of batfish, some lionfish and a variety of colorful nudibranchs. We also nearly always found a pair of robust ghost pipefish in the sandy area and a pegasus fish in the deeper part. Also good for night dives.
Max depth 30m, Visibility 15-30m
15. Habagat Wreck
Good divesite for AOWD or deep specialties. Watch your NDL if you plan to dive to the wreck! It's a dive boat laying in a sandy slope. There is a lot of colorful fish swimming around. Groupers and lion fish can be seen. You can bring a dive light to look in the wreck and the small caves in the coral wall.
Max depth 37m, Visibility 10-25m
16. Puntod
30 minutes by boat from Alona beach. Pristine steep wall with gorgonians and soft corals. Stunning reef top, frog fish and some nice macro can be found.
Max depth 30m, Visibility 15-30m
17. Doljo Point
40 minutes by boat from Alona beach. This site is visited during a strong Habagat-wind (south-west-wind) because it is more sheltered. If you jump in at the right place, this is a great dive. Gorgonians there are huge and numerous. At the reef top and around 15 to 10 m there are yellowish-green sponges with giant frog fish. Perfectly camouflaged, they sit in these sponges and wait for their food to come to them.
Max depth 30m, Visibility 15-30m
18. Napaling
60 minutes by boat from Alona. This is a dive on a steep wall with huge gorgonian fans and black corals growing. Sometimes there are schools of barracudas or sardines. On the edge of the reef there are table corals with a lot of small fish, moray eels and sea kraits.
Max depth 30m, Visibility 15-30m
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