Scuba diving and PADI courses Prices

Daily dive trips:

Prices are not including the dive gear rental.
1 boat dive
1,800.00 PESO
2 boat dives @ Balicasag, Pamilacan and north Panglao divesites (min. 2 divers)
3,600.00 PESO
Night dive (inclusive torch)
2,000.00 PESO
Black water night dive (inclusive torch)
2,500.00 PESO
Environmental fee - Local
100.00 PESO
Environmental fee - Balicasag Island
250.00 PESO
Nitrox 32% (1tank)
300.00 PESO
15l tank
250.00 PESO
10 dives or more can avail our special dive packages
Including: boat, tanks, weights & Divemaster + coffee,tea,drinking water, fruits on day trips.
Snorkeling trip:
Boat Ride to Balicasag Island (with divers)
Including environmental fee and gear rental.
1,000.00 PESO
Boat Rental for Island Hopping
Not including environmental fee and gear rental.
7,000.00 PESO
Experience program:
Bubblemaker, 8 years +
3,500.00 PESO
Discover Scuba Diving, 10 years +
3,500.00 PESO
PADI dive courses:
Scuba Diver (2-3 days with 2 dives)
15,000.00 PESO
Open Water Diver (3-4 days with 4 dives)
19,000.00 PESO
Advanced Open Water Diver (2 days with 5 dives)
16,000.00 PESO
Refresher dive for certified divers
2,500.00 PESO
Rescue Diver (3-4 days)
19,000.00 PESO
Enriched Air Diver
10,000.00 PESO
Digital Underwater Photographer
11,500.00 PESO
Emergency First Response (1 day)
8,000.00 PESO
Sidemount Diver
14,000.00 PESO
49,000.00 PESO
Note: all courses include equipment, manual and certification,
DM application fee to be paid by applicant.

Equipment rental (rates per day):
Complete Set of Diving Equipment (excluding Dive Computer)
500.00 PESO
300.00 PESO
300.00 PESO
150.00 PESO
Dive Computer
400.00 PESO
Underwater Digital Camera (GoPro)
1,000.00 PESO
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