Whale shark trip


Diving or snorkeling with whale sharks is an exciting experience and an unforgettable sight

It seems incredible, but local fishermens managed to feed whale sharks and now people from all over the world come to see this action with their own eyes. If you are going to the Philippines - be sure to include this trip in your itinerary.

Our journey starts 5:30-6am, from Alona where we get off on trimaran (bangka) in a two hour voyage. On board, you can drink a morning coffee and cheer up or take a nap under the peaceful rumbling of the diesel.

On the way to Oslob (the place where the sharks come), we begin to gather and prepare for a meeting with peaceful giants.

After a briefing, divers start diving (maximum depth is 12 m), and snorkelers are going to a small boat that takes them to the sharks in a couple of minutes. It is always interesting to observe the faces of people who first saw whale sharks - this mixture of surprise and delight with nothing to confuse!

Through the allotted time (30 minutes of snorkeling and 45 minutes of diving), overflowing with emotions, we go for lunch and return to the boat and make a transfer back to Panglao

On the way back we share our impressions and brag about photos and videos with amazing whale sharks!

For reference, whale sharks are the largest fish, sometimes growing up to 12 meters in length, up to 21 tons of weight, they feed on plankton. They are absolutely safe for a people.


4000 peso
Snorkeling with whale sharks,
Entrance fee is included.
7500 peso
Diving with whale sharks,
Entrance fee is included.
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