Internet and Mobile Connectivity

In the Visayas region, home to our Tropical Divers and other areas, you'll find the most advanced mobile networks, courtesy of companies like Globe and Smart.

For optimal coverage on Panglao Island, Smart is the preferred choice, offering excellent connectivity, especially in most populated areas. However, when venturing deeper into the island, signal strength may vary. If you plan on spending more time exploring Panglao and Bohol islands, we recommend opting for Smart.

Over the last two years, the mobile internet situation has significantly improved. You can now get a 20GB data package for just 450 pesos. For calling mobile numbers, a top-up of 600 pesos is required.
As of early 2023, a new law mandates the registration of SIM cards in the Philippines. Navigating the bureaucratic procedures can be complex, so the easiest and recommended step is to purchase a SIM card upon arrival at Manila or Cebu airports. Register and activate it, top up your account, and ask the company's manager to set up a mobile data package for you. This way, you'll find yourself in a new country with functional communication tools, making your experience more convenient and enjoyable.

While Wi-Fi is available in almost all hotels and restaurants, the signal may sometimes be weak. In such cases, mobile internet comes to the rescue. Public Wi-Fi usually has very low speeds, so having a reliable mobile data plan is key to staying connected on the go.
Nick Zotov
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