About malls, stores, and markets on Panglao.

On Panglao Island, major shopping markets and centers are absent. However, there are numerous small shops and vegetable stalls. Here's a glimpse of a few:

Rona's Corner caters to all the essentials for an ordinary tourist, ranging from toothpaste to rum and bread.

TipTop Hotel, Resto, and Delishop is a quaint store with an excellent selection of wines and other European products.

Panglao Public Market is the town market where you can find a variety of seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

Now let's explore Tagbilaran City on Bohol Island, just 15 kilometers from Alona Beach. The cost of a tricycle or taxi ride one way is 500 pesos.

ICM is the island's shopping hub, where you can purchase practically anything from cars to toothpicks. There's also a food section, and nearby is the largest market in the region, making it incredibly convenient to visit.

Tagbilaran City Central Public Market is the largest market in the region, offering the finest selection of vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Here, you can also buy meat, chicken, and eggs, although we recommend getting meat and chicken from the shopping centers.

Alturas Mall Tagbilaran is a large shopping center located in the heart of Tagbilaran. Here, you can find practically everything, including groceries.

BQ Mall is another major shopping center situated in the center of Tagbilaran, offering a wide range of products, including groceries.

Nick Zotov
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