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Balicasag island. New ticket reservation rules.

Balicasag island, diving balicasag, diving panglao
Balicasag island, Sanctuary dive site.
Dear divers and guests of Panglao.

We want to inform you about the new rules for the reservation of diving permits for Balicasag island, which is a marine sanctuary area and one of the popular dive sites on Panglao.

Not more than 150 divers a day can now get on this island. No more than two dives are allowed. Each dive center can do no more than five trips a week to Balicasag.

For reservations, we must provide copies of your diving certificates.

Taking this into account, we recommend you inform us about your arrival in advance and agree on the dates of diving at least 2 weeks ahead in high season and email us a photo of your diving licenses to

On some dates, especially on Chinese holidays, the number of people wishing to be in Balicasag is many times higher than the 150 divers limit, so tickets are reserved sometimes a month before the date of diving.

In all this there is a positive moment - the reef and the underwater world of the island of Balicasag not causing excessive damage and we can enjoy a first-class diving with turtles, tornado of jacks, live and beautiful corals.

Recall that in addition to the island of Balicasag, we have many beautiful and exciting dive sites and pristine reefs!

See you at Panglao!