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Sidemount diving

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Diver with the sidemount configuration.
Tropical divers glad to offer you the new specialty PADI course - sidemount diver.
It's a serious fun and cool way to keep learning and diving being in the Philippines!

The PADI Sidemount Diving Course is increasing in popularity because of its various benefits. It's sidemount tank configuration offers different advantages over the conventional scuba diving configuration. These are the benefits of the PADI Sidemount Diving Course:

- It gives you more flexibility considering cylinders are lighter and more convenient to use underwater compared to back-mounted tanks.
- It reduces lower back strain since pressure is taken off your back.
- The sidemount cylinder configuration eases buoyancy that gives you a more streamlined profile.
- It gives you the opportunity to dive longer with more gas supply.
- It makes diving safer and scuba equipment monitoring easier with immediate access to stages and tank valves.
- It makes it easier to infiltrate narrower and confined areas like holes while diving. This is especially useful for cave divers and technical wreck divers.

Within 2 days you will learn how to set up scuba tanks and regulators for sidemount configuration, adjust the buoyancy, spot and handle possible problems. We gonna take the pool session and 3 open water session during this course.

Level of training - PADI Open water diver or equivalent and above.
Age is above 15

Price is 14000 pesos

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